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During the last century humans dedicated themselves towards the industrialization of the world. Energy requirements were met through the use of natural resources. Due to the one dimensional focus of man towards growth led to the uncontrolled consumption of natural resources that the environment suffered a setback in the form of irreversible problems such as air and water pollution and global warming. The life on earth started in oceans and seas and hence its foundation is only water. But the ecosystem is damaged to such an extent that potable water has become a major issue for healthy living and the only solution present is the technology itself.

If you are looking for a Kent RO service provider. City RO Systems is a one stop solution for your RO water purifier services. We offer various types of Kent RO water purifier services which include Kent RO Maintenance, Kent RO Repair, Kent RO Installation, Kent RO Up-gradation etc.

In Delhi and its NCR areas, City RO System is one of the most trusted companies for supplying the best RO water purifiers. The Kent RO customer care provides the best solution to the customers to select the best RO water purifiers according to their need and budget.

City RO System provides a wide range of water purifiers with different features and facilities. The Kent customer care does a complete analysis of the customer’s requirement and suggest them with the best choice of the Ro purifiers after considering their needs and budget. The service of the Kent RO customer care doesn’t gets over after selling of the RO purifier. It also operates for 24/7 for 365 days to provide the best customer assistance to the RO users throughout the day regarding any kind of information related to RO purifiers or to assist with any kind of difficulty in operating or maintenance of the purifier.

The Kent Ro customer care has the team of the most experienced and friendly staffs who operates throughout the day to provide the best and most expertise assistance and care to the customers. So, at any point of time, if you want to know about the RO water purifiers or face any kind of issue in operating the same, the executives from the Kent customer care provides you with the best possible assistance. They have a wide range of experience regarding the system of operation of RO water purifiers and help to provide online solution to the issues regarding maintenance and operation of the RO purifier.

But sometimes it goes beyond the capability of the executives from the customer care to provide the online solution. So, they arrange a doorstep visit from the expert technicians. They have a wide scale knowledge and experience in providing all kind of solution and suggestion regarding the RO purifiers. RO purifiers require servicing and maintenance in regular interval to provide the optimum service and give the purest and healthiest drinking water. The Kent Ro customer care helps the Ro users with a wide range of RO AMC plans. This plans help to get cost effective benefits regarding the servicing of the RO purifiers. S, the Kent Customer Care provides a complete assistance from selection of the RO purifier to the purchase and regular servicing and maintenance of the same.

Kent RO Service Center Delhi NCR

We procure machines and accessories from authorized dealers of Kent RO purifier and provide great after sales service as well. Only original parts and accessories of Kent RO are used by our team, so you can bank upon the quality. With a highly trained team of technicians, we proffer our esteemed services in Delhi and NCR. If you are looking for Kent RO service center in Delhi or Kent service in east, west, south, north Delhi you can connect with us. There may be times when you are not able to get through Kent service center number. You can rely on us for all your Kent RO support.

Over the years, we have added more than 1000 satisfied customers for Kent RO AMC. We are one of the best Water Purifier Service Provider in Delhi/NCR offering cost effective service. We are open all 7 days. Call us and book your service. Once we receive your booking, we alert our team closest to your locality. We ensure that all our technicians are fully verified. Further, to help us maintain our quality standards, you can call us to rate our service and give feedback of our expert.

The City RO System is one of the preeminent suppliers of the best RO water purifiers across Delhi NCR. It provides the complete services of sales and servicing with the best team of the Kent Ro Service center. The Kent service center has the team of the best and most experienced engineers who provides 360-degree service assistance to the users.

Being one of the most trusted suppliers of RO water purifiers in Delhi and NCR areas, City RO System provides a wide range of options to select the water purifiers as per individual need and budget. The expert staffs of the Kent Ro service center provide the best suggestion and guidance to the customers to buy the perfect water purifier.

India is a country which has a vast and diverse geographical condition. That is why different area of the country gets different kind of drinking water. Like, some drinking water sources have a greater amount of dissolved minerals or some has less. The pollution level of the water also varies a lot in different places. Thus, the engineers from the Kent service center does a detailed examination of the drinking water source with the TDS controller and sets the level of the RO water purifier at the most optimum level, so that users can get the purest and healthiest drinking water.

The City RO System provides an exclusive range of water purifiers for domestic, commercial and industrial use, which satisfies the all round requirement of the users and provide the safes and healthiest drinking water. We at City RO System deals with only the best brands like Kent and others in regards of the RO water purifiers and our relation with the customer doesn’t gets over after selling the water purifier. Along with pre sales suggestion for selecting the best RO purifier, we also provide a complete after sales service. The highly skilled and experienced staffs of the Kent RO service center provides complete servicing, maintenance and repairing or the RO water purifiers in a regular interval.

A proper servicing and maintenance from the experts hands of the technicians from the Kent service center ensures that the RO water purifier continues to perform at the most optimum level and has a longer lifespan. The Kent RO service center also provides a wide range of AMC plans to provide cost effective service scheme to the customers and deals with only the genuine and original spare parts of the RO water purifiers.

What we offer

It is always recommended that you change the filter of your purifier under supervision of a technician. Under our service, you can request for change of filter, service of purifier, performance check etc.

What you get

Kent-City RO Systems is one company dedicated towards providing safe drinking water to the society. The company along with team of experts on water purification provides a range of Kent-RO Water Purifiers and takes entire responsibility of:

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Service Charge for Domestic Ro – Rs. 299 (Two Hundred Ninety Nine Rupees).

Installation Charge For Domestic Ro – Rs.499 (Four Hundred Ninety Nine Rupees).

AMC Contract Terms & Conditions for Domestic RO

Sr. No. AMC Price Service Filters Membrane Electrical Parts Faulty Parts
1 AMC Plan 1A 999.00
2 AMC Plan 2B 1999.00
3 AMC Plan 3C 2999.00
4 AMC Plan 4D 3999.00
5 AMC Plan 5E 4999.00
6 AMC Plan 6F 5999.00

1:- Three Periodical Services (On demand),2:- Any additional visit during AMC Period by intimation, 3:- Contract Period:12 Months,4:- Payment in favor of City RO Systems, 5:- Price of AMC may be increase according to water purifier actual conditions and their uses, 6:- We uses Genuine Spare Parts and equality to specifications.

Disclaimer: City RO Systems is Delhi NCR’s Largest & Fastest Growing Service Provider Company & We undertake job work of Service, AMC, Repair & Maintenance, Installation of RO Systems, City RO Systems is totally responsible for these and no relation to parent company in any regards. City RO Systems do not have any Tie-up other company..

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